Monday, December 31, 2007


Hi all !!! As you might have noticed i have been MIA for quite a long time. Haha i apologize for that as i have been really busy this past few days. Anyways, I'm back now and let the blogging continue.

K, first off i'll try to arrange everything in sequential order, if i do mix anything up haha that's too bad for you.

Lets start off with the 26th of December which happens to be Boxing Day. Yay !!! My mom finally came back from Singapore together with my beloved camera.(Now i get to shoot more).

My mom bought me 3 pairs of shoes from Singapore and i went over the roof when i saw them. (Haha, FYI it is impossible for me to get shoes in Malaysia because of my feet size which is US15 so haha pardon the self syok)

Anyways here are the pics



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