Friday, December 21, 2007

I am Legend

Hi all, first off i would like to apologize for the lack of pictures in my last few posts. This is because as mentioned earlier my brother went to Singapore and he took my camera with HIM !!!!! So that leaves me with no camera, haha i will you have to wait till my mom is back before i can start shooting pictures again.

Sigh .........

Anyways, yesterday i spent nearly the whole day in One Utama shopping for a christmas gift for a certain someone. Haha, i have some ideas already but still thinking what to get. After that i watched the movie I am Legend by Will Smith. I had no idea that the movie would become a zombie flick when i first saw the posters outside the cinema. Hahaha, that just goes to show how deceiving looks can be. Anyways the story progresses quite well, describing how 1 man is alive in New York city, the whole city either died or became "Darkseekers" which are practically zombies that feed on humans. Haha, but the twist here that Will Smith is not just any sruvivor, he is immune to the virus (which was originally a cure for cancer), he is also trying to find a cure to to this virus using his own blood. Haha that will be all i'm writing, go and watch the show if you really want to find out everything else, i would definetly recommend it to you all.


After the movie, i went to Laundry in the Curve again, to meet up with my high school friends. Haha it was fun, everyone was drinking and talking shit the whole night hahaha, its been ages since we had fun like that. Sigh .... i miss the good old times .......

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