Monday, December 17, 2007

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio

YOSHAAAA !!!!!! My dreams have finally come true, more like i finally moved my lazy ass and did something to accomplish my dream. I have finally found the answers to my dream hahahahhahaha ..............

K enough of me making a fool of myself, but i really am that happy hahaha, last night after reading my company law notes, i felt very sien (if you dunno what that means, ask a malaysian) so i went online to search for any programs that can remix songs, like splicing the track, adding effects and so on. And the answers were right in front of my eyes all along just that i didn't search for it carefully enough, SONY SOUND FORGE AUDIO STUDIO was the answers to my dream. Haha, well at least at this point. I was playing around with the software this morning and i have to say i am quite satisfied with the results so far. I haven't been able to finish a song yet due to my Company Law test tomorrow, when i do i will definetly host it here, just be patient hahaha

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