Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Phew ... What a Day

Wow what a roller coaster ride my day has been.

My day started off with a bang, i woke up went to the toilet to do my business, took the psp with me and then disaster strikes, i found out that the X button does not respond, arrgghhhh noooooo my dear psp is only 2 months old and THIS happens !!???!!! When i was done with the washroom, i called bernard the person who sold me the psp and he says most likely dust particles got jammed in between the button and the board causing it to be unresponsive. Phew .... at least nothing major, he ask me to bring it over so that he can clean it for me. Lucky !!!!

After that, i read online that in order to get my Creative Zen Touch to work with Windows Vista, i had to update my firmware to the new one. So off i went downloading the new firmware. Mind you i want to upgrade my OS to Vista because my XP is giving me a lot of problems now and i want to try Vista for fun since i will be reformating my pc soon anyways. Guess what half way during the updating process, the program hanged, the BLOODY THING HANGED and right after it deleted the firmware in my player, so now i'm left with a 20GB mp3 player without any firmware to boot. DAMN !!! I tried my best to revive the thing again by installing an older firmware, but to my dismay, the error message saying that my player is not connected keeps popping up although my player is connected. DANG ! 2 of my gadgets died on me on the same day. How bad can that be.

So with no mp3 player left, i decided to bring my camera to college and just take photos of random stuff. I'll post the pics up tomorrow after i have made some minor adjustments to them.

When i came back, my mom told me that there is a 90% chance that my maid has stage 4 pelvis cancer. I was like WTF ! ! ! and here i was thinking that my day was bad, i am just stunned even as i am writing this now i am still in disbelieve. Just goes to prove that people nowadays are more prone to have cancer.

That's all for now, will update you guys again soon.

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