Monday, October 20, 2008

More from Singapore

Did i also mention that i found a picture of my graet grandfather and my graet gradnmother at the apartment in Singapore :D 

Great Grandfather

handsome eh,

Graet Grandmother

my great grandmother

I was very glad that I found portraits of my great grandparents. It just goes to show that a photo will last forever even when the person is not around. I've never met my graet grandparents on either side, at least now i know how they look like on my mother's side :D. It kinda gives you a sense of belonging ... .. . ok ... now i have no idea what i'm talking about anymore haha :D

Anyways i saw this car parked at the parking lot at Holland Village


For some raeson i just find it so damn cool, a car that small and its not a Smart. Haha. Its a Mitsubishi with MIVEC technology in it. Woooooo !!! I wonder when will this car ever come to the Malaysian market.

That's all for now folks

Signing off :D :D :D

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