Friday, October 31, 2008

Model Shooting @ The Coronade Hotel

I think its about time i wrote about the Beginner's Photography Workshop by Sony :D 

Starting off ...

I first got my Sony A300 DSLR Camera around the end of April and have been dying to join Sony's Basic Photography Workshop to learn the functions and features of my camera. 

But sadly, the workshop was always full whenever i tried to apply for it. So months passes by with my trying to register myself for the workshop to no avail. Till finally in the month of October i finally managed to get in. Wooohoooo !!!! Finally, after 5 months of trying, i finally managed to register myself as a participant for the course. 

Usually the workshop would be held in Sony Style KLCC, but ... .. . 

this time its held at The Coronade Hotel @ Jalan Walter Greenier, plus we get models to shoot !!! 

How much better does it get ???

You get free lessons and model shooting !!! Woohooo !!!! Kudos to Sony and John for organizing everything. 

Here were some of my shots 










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