Monday, October 13, 2008

Life as a slacker so far ... .. .

Life ... .. .

My life for the past few months have been ... how do i put it ... boring and interesting.

Well ... boring because most of my friends have already left to pursue their sutdies overseas, interesting because of the spare time i have with me right now, i've been able to help out with various charities to pass time.

Not to mention that i've also had the time to improve my photography skills (i hope) and also learn a few photoshop tricks at the same time since my pc can now finally open photoshop and a browser together without crashing :D 

Ok ... i know i suck at blogging, lack of updates and the list goes on 

Not sure whether have i written bou this yet but here goes ...

Early this year, my mom's friend Vincent asked me whether was i interested to be a volunteer at a camp for cancer children. It was a very last minute thing, i only got confirmation 2 days before leaving for the camp. Initially, i thought i was going there to babysit a few kids, make sure that they are ok, take some photo shots of the place since it is a beach, and not be having any fun at all. (Those of you who were at the camp, please dun be offended k, ;D i had loads of fun)

My initial thoughts before i went was that these kids were going to be feeling down and well ... not fun. Boy was i wrong, when i arrived at cancerlink on the morning we were departing, i was shocked to see the camp participants bustling around, making new friends with new kids, catching up with old friends. Then only i realised that they were really just ordinary kids ... like us, they still have fun, and that was when my whole mindset was totally changed. Although we as in me and Roger were supposed to be volunteers at the camp, we hung out with the kids there just like we would hang out with our friends back home. It was AWESOME. You totally get to know them and they are way cool man. You see the other side of life which you don't usually see.

Anyways enough of the chit chat, its pix time 

Group pictures, these people are AWESOME !!!

VV group pic

VV group pic 2

I managed to get some great sunrise shots at the beach which was behind the hotel :D, the sun there was soooooo beautiful, it was totally worth the wait. The moon at night was beautiful as well, but i totally forogt to bring my camera. Sigh ... just one of those moments in life.

kijal 2

kijal 1

kijal sunrise

kijal sunrise 2

kijal sunrise 3

sun behind clouds

That is all for now ... Will continue updating details on my life another time

signing off XD XD XD


Hurley said...

nice photos. Gosh the sun's great!

- d o m i n i c - said...

thanks :D