Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Troubling News !!!

The general elections are over, but our problems are far from over.

Lately a SMS with troubling news has been spreading around on the mobile network

收到最新消息,JB已经 人吃了 ma mak和马来饭后染上爱滋, 马来人把爱滋者的血放在kali-食物里,华人来吃时就加入食物里给华人吃 请专给所以同胞朋友们,要小心现在比513厉史还可怕 快快快

(Translated Version)
News: JB got people after eat malay foods at mamak stall, and the chinese person get AIDS because the malays put the AIDS Patients blood mix into curry, So chinese please becareful It's scary than 513 cases, Please Forward it to everyones

I am unable to confirm the source of this piece of news, just thought to share it with you guys

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Ern Sheong said...

frankly, I don't think AIDS can spread like that...